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  1. TheLordofBogs

    Update Update Log #5 - Market Update

    Are any of the enchatments mutually exclusive with others?
  2. TheLordofBogs

    Titles earned from quests.

    To give quests a bit more incentive, perhaps gaining special titles from dong certain quests and series of quests, e.g. A title for finishing all the quests for the fishing tab, or finishing a really hard quest like the "spend 5 days worth of time in the server".
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    Log: Deep Hollow (Story)

    Log Entry 1: Deep Hollow Discovered The trek to the old settlement was no easy task. I’ve lost count of how many arrows were blocked by my shield. My trusty sword was worse for wear from fending off the living dead, and I’ve escaped more than one explosion by the skin of my teeth. Perhaps I...
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    How about a quest you can get from some librarian type quest giver to find an ancient time or book that can be read by the player for interesting lore about the server?
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    What about a quest the requires you to find a special quest item somewhere like the nether, spawned in a random chest there which you find using a specials map or compass?
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    Server's about to come live, Cheers!

    Server's about to come live, Cheers!
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    List of Mods/Plugins

    I just thought it would be a good idea to put a list out there that explains which plugins the server uses, and possibly a list of the custom enchantments you can get,
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    Hello World!

    Hello World!
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    Looking for a Town

    I'm looking for a town to join, which I will be willing to help build.